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LIMITED PROMOTIONAL OFFER:  Get 50,000 extra Followers when you purchase the 250,000 Twitter followers 299,000 twitter followers will be delivered in Total!!

At only $17.99 $12.00 for 5000 Twitter followers  you’ll be amazed at the high standard  social media service quality we provide at such an unbeatable wholesale price.


We are very experienced wholesale suppliers, delivering to the highly priced Social Media Service resellers via diverse platforms; we bring you much higher quality without needing to expend fortune charged by the resellers of Twitter Followers. 


B.T.A.I.F.℠ also delivers twitter followers to thousands of Clients every month amongst our Clients are monthly subscribed celebretees, business owners and upcoming talents and rappers.


  B.T.A.I.F.℠ delivers high quality Real Twitter Followers not bots or eggs like most resellers.

We automatically commence delivery of your package in 24 hours after check-out. 

Your Twitter account password is never needed to deliver your ordered Twitter Package  from BTAIF℠, all that’s needed is the Twitter  handle or Twitter link below at check-out,sit back and  we’ll do the rest.

We consider Customer’s Satisfaction the highest priority for business and we will do everything within our power to meet up with our individual Client’s requirements.

So, whether you currently have zero followers or thousands,   B.T.A.I.F.℠ wholesaler can deliver  upto 3,000,000 and more  Twitter Followers to any Twitter account overtime; this in turn increases your social proof ensuring your Tweets will be read by more people.


Below are few more of many advantages over many other alternatives of buying Twitter Followers from B.T.A.I.F.℠

    • No password or Account details Required just your username so be assured your privacy is always Secure with us.
    • Your purchased followers won’t un-follow after a while unlike many sellers of this same service.
    • Your account will not be put at risk of being banned or flagged.
    • Guaranteed individual numerous followers and tweets of delivered followers .
    • Your Followers will not drop unlike with the Re-sellers.
    • Most affordable wholesale Service price with high quality Twitter followers
    • Delivery is in 24 – 36 Hours after completing check-out.


Please note: Service orders below 60,000 Twitter followers per one account will be delivered within 24-36 hours after check-out, Service orders of more than 60,000 twitter followers and upward per one account will take 48 or more  to deliver.

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Remember; 50,000 extra Twitter Followers is delivered when you purchase the 250,000 Twitter followers 300,000 twitter followers will be delivered in Total! Why not try the offer?

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