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We can supply you with guaranteed Google +1 Votes packages to increase the SEO page rank. Whether you currently have zero plus one votes or thousands, ‘B.T.A.I.F.’ can send additional +1 votes, increasing your social proof and sending Google rankings through the roof!

Why +1 Votes?

If you’ve been out of the loop, Google recently released it’s +1 voting system, which is similar to Facebook’s “Like” feature. Each Google +1 vote for your web page is the same as saying “Hey this sites cool, you should come and check this out!!!”

Each new Google +1 vote will….

  • Gets your site indexed/re-indexed
  • Boosts the CTR of Ad-word ads
  • and most importantly: It increases the search engine rankings of your website!!!

A study has shown that about 70 Google +1 votes are enough to improve search engine rankings and traffic by about 20%. . The bottom line is: having Google +1 votes improves your websites ranking and Googles trust in your website and boosts your website ahead of your competion! We will deliver guaranteed Google +1 votes to your website:

  • All from verified Google accounts
  • 100% manual votes
  • All Google +1 votes are from different and unique IP addresses
  • Google +1 votes are drip fed over a period of times to make everything look completely natural

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