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Facebook Shares Likes And Followers

Please note the likes provided on this page are for post or picture likes only. To make use of our fanpage like Services return to Facebook like fanpage services clicking here

We are offering Services to share your post on facebook or/and likes to a posted picture or post on facebook to get your messages and post seen by thousands of Facebook users. We can also provide your specified Facebook profile account, facebook followers at the most competitive price to be found anywhere to boost your Facebook Audience and readers. All these to be delivered in 24 hours or 36 hours at most depending on your order volume.

 For Facebook post share we will need the link where your post or picture is situated on facebook. This is applicable to Facebook likes. Please be very sure to mail us the link needing the shares or likes or facebook profile needing the followers on the form provided after check-out . We do not need your password to deliver any of our services!!

  For Facebook Followers, we will need just your profile username to get individuals to follow your profile.

Below are our Facebook Post Share and likes,Facebook profile followers Services; all orders are delivered in 24-36 Hours after receiving orders and detailed instructions communicated as statd on second paragraph abopve:



200 Post Shares and 350 post Likes



650 Facebook Followers




1050 Facebook Followers


NB: Please contact us via the form provided after check-out is completed to pass on details necessary for the delivery of this orders. This will enhance us processing your delivery fast within time.

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