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We deliver within 24 hours.


For $10 per 1000 Twitter Followers, B.T.A.I.F.℠ will deliver to your specified Profile/username Twitter Followers  at ridiculous affordable price followers who tweet, retweet and interact with your profile within 24 to 48 hours after checkout . industry provide, our kind of Twitter followers will add real value to your Twitter Profile, popularity and sales projection.


B.T.A.I.F.℠ utmost goal is to give our Clients what is  necessary to establish their online prominence and grow their online businesses  via Twitter. All services offered on this platform are real value adding services not fake or bots made sold for thousands of pocket ripping pounds online.

For only $19.00   B.T.A.I.F.℠ will deliver to your profile real twitter followers to boost your Social proof and sale s potentials.  We provide these services at considerable unbeatable prices.

We have been providers of Social Media services to many celebretees and Business owners via other platforms so be sure you are dealing with the very right individuals.

We deliver within 24 hours  our Client’s orders without  requiring Twitter password  to deliver your  Packages. All we need is your Twitter  handle requiring specified followers,and we’ll do the rest!!


These are few more reasons why you should Buy Twitter Followers from us at BTAIF℠ :

    • Our Twitter Followers are Real Active Human Twitter Followers No Fakes!!
    • We are Ridiculously affordable for value of services provided
    • You do not need to follow any profile to get your followers delivered
    • Password is un-needed to deliver to your specified account twitter followers
    • Your purchased followers won’t un-follow after a while unlike many sellers of this same service.
    • Your account will have no risk of being banned or flagged.
    • Your Followers are active not static bots!
    • Our Customer Satisfaction is definitely our priority. We respond in 24 hours to all Client’s inquiries
    • Fast 24 to 48 hours delivery

SPECIAL OFFER: Get unlimited retweets for 30 days on any order/s greater or equaling 50,000 Twitter Followers today…..

These prices are promotional offer to create awareness of our available services. Prices may go up anytime soon , Place your Order now!!


Below are our available packages;



Available Followers Packages
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