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Using Instagram to Build Relationships 2019

So you want people to buy your product, sign up for your list, and generally get to know you as an authority in your niche and you think Instagram can help with that? Well, you are right! The problem is, many people don’t understand how to effectively use Instagram. They sign up, buy tons of Buy Instagram Followers UK, and then send link after link expecting clicks. That isn’t really how Instagram works though.

If you use Instagram, you’ve seen it. The people that send out 20 Post in a matter of minutes all linking to an affiliate offer or back to their website, trying to sell to you without offering anything interesting or helpful. I’m sure that doesn’t exactly entice you to click the link.

If you’ve seen it, you probably think the same thing most do when they see it: SPAM! Not only does it not work, it is likely going to end up costing you followers as people unfollow so they don’t have to see spam filled tweets anymore. You need to give people a reason to follow you and a reason to keep following you. You have to build your relationship much like you would build a relationship with an email list. Offer them valuable information for free to show you are there to help them. Make them interested in your Post and they will start paying more attention to them!

The more you work on building your relationship, the more followers you will start getting as people recommend you and the more responsive your Buy Instagram Followers UK will get!

When building a relationship with your Instagram followers, keep these tips in mind.

What is your niche? What type of information are your followers after? Find out and give it to them, for free. Rather than linking to your sales page, link to an informational blog post with a link to your sales page in it. Give them something interesting and free to read rather than just trying to sell to them.

Participate in the community. Ask questions, message people, follow interesting people and repost interesting Post. People like knowing they are following an actual person and the key to that is to communicate with people. Even if you use automation for your Intagram updates, spend some time on there actually talking with your followers.

Post photos and interesting and or funny links. These grab attention and get people looking at your other Post and also encourages re-Post which can get you even more followers.

Basically, give value and let them know you are a real person who appreciates them. Take the time to build a relationship and you will be rewarded. Instagram is a huge community and if used right, can yield tons of traffic, sales, or views.

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